MPA Golf Day Winners

MPA Members, friends, Corporate Sponsors and Associate Members shared an amazing golf day last Friday with lots of fun, drinks and laughter with perfect weather at the stunning North Adelaide Golf Course with the city of Adelaide in the background.

Once again we thank our Corporate Sponsors VW, Solver Paints, Dulux, Haymes Paint, MGA, Netbiz Enterprises, Western Pacific Financial Group and WFI along with our Associate Members Access Hire and Paintmasta Seaton who supported the day.  Without tremendous support from these companies we wouldn’t be able to hold such a great event.

Feedback has been fantastic …. thank you and much appreciated!!!

Teams heading to their Holes for a shotgun start

The WINNERS OF THE 2012 PAINTING INDUSTRY GOLF DAY with a nett 51 3/8 went to the Crowies Team from Malvern:

Gino Ragazzo / Chris Baliga / Anthony Ragazzo / Calvin Chipperfield

Malvern Crowies Team on course

Prizes presented by Sam Gryst, proudly Sponsored by VW

RUNNERS UP with a nett 52 1/2 went to Simon Gibson’s Team:

Simon Gibson / Tim Martin / Ben Martin / Gary Shaw

The “classy champagne boys!”

Simon Gibson’s Team, prize presented by Sam Gryst VW

3rd place with a nett 55 1/2 went to Chris Bradley’s Team:

Chris Bradley / Richard Finlayson / Matt Harrison / Scott Bradley


Chris Bradley’s Team, prize presented by Sam Gryst VW

The Winner of the Longest Drive on Hole No. 1 proudly Sponsored by Western Pacific Financial Group was:

Joshua McCafferty

The Nearest to the VW logo on the 3rd Hole proudly Sponsored by VW was:

Michael Carter

The Nearest to the Pin on the 5th Hole proudly Sponsored by Solver Paints was:

Demetri Steinert

The Nearest to the Pin on the 6th Hole proudly Sponsored by MGA Insurance was:

Lawrence Pollice

The Winner of hitting the golf ball nearest to the 10 Litre Haymes Paint tin at the 9th Hole proudly Sponsored by Haymes Paint was:

Andrew Drzal

The Nearest to the Pin on the 12th Hole proudly Sponsored by Dulux was:

Dylan Thomas

The Straightest Drive on the 13th Hole proudly Sponsored by WFI was:

Richard Finlayson

The Nearest to the Pin on the 16th Hole proudly Sponsored by Paintmasta Seaton was:

Robert McDonald

Best behaviour for the day on the golf course went to:

Jeremy Duffy

The Longest football kicking competition from Hole 1 proudly Sponsored by Access Hire SA went to:

Simon Grubb

The Golf Quiz was won by Table 11 Captain: Steve Brant from Brant New Painters with a score of 8 out of 10:

How many dimples are on a regulation golf ball?      336

What colour golf clothing does Tiger Woods wear on a Sunday?      Red shirt & black pants

Does a golf ball travel further on a hot day or a cold day?      Hot

Who won the Masters Golf Tournament in the year 2000?      Vijay Singh

List Greg Norman’s wives christian names in order?      Laura, Chris & Kirsten

What is the average degree on a pitching wedge?      45 degrees

What is Tiger Woods real name?      Eldrick

Name the golfing movie that Bill Murray starred in?      Caddy Shack

What kind of golf club did Elin use to smash Tiger Woods SUV?      9 Iron

On average how much do Americans spend annually on golf balls?      $800 Million